Words Have Power


Speaking to the Universe


Words have power.

The sting of a slap quickly fades but the pain of harsh words can last a lifetime.

If someone has ever yelled angry or demeaning things at you, you know well how impactful and unhealthy they linger in our mind. We all have sad, haunting imprints that deface our memories. 

This being so, how then can we best harness the power of words to rewrite the negative scripts in our mind?

How can we re-configure our hurtful thoughts, borne of misspoken words, towards to positive?

For me, the answer is: affirmations.

To affirm means to acknowledge, support and encourage something or someone.  

On waking and prior to sleep at night, set aside a few quiet minutes to speak positive words to the Universe.

In the morning, cultivate a healthy attitude by cultivating gratitude for another day. Affirm the beauty and worth of your beingness.

Offer support and good wishes to loved ones, as well as strangers who will pass through your life throughout the day.

In the evening, from your heart, be grateful and reflect on all the good that has manifested, and, speak genuine forgiveness towards those who may have knowingly, or not, caused harm.

I encourage you to speak these affirmations to the Universe for a week.

Experience the healthy power of your words and you just might make this a practice for the rest of your life.

‘Til next time,

Be happy

Be healthy


by pjs


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