Nepal -The Power of Travel


 The Power of Travel


Ahhhhh …. Nepal!


May this find you well.

In my mind, travel is one of the greatest blessings life can offer.

Whether it is travel within one’s own country, or even more enlightening, travel abroad, immersing yourself in unfamiliar settings creates the causes and conditions for genuine personal growth. The benefits to body, speech and mind are immeasurable.

For over 18 years, I was blessed with life abroad in cultures far different from my own. Folks often ask me, “What country did you like best?”

While I liked aspects of every country I have visited, my answer is undoubtedly my six (6) years in Nepal.

Nepal is magical, spiritual land that embraces the Himalayan Range and Mount Everest to the north, to the vast southern plains – the Terai - leading to India in the south.

Within its’ borders, the people & places, the sights, sounds & smiles, the extremes of poverty and opulence, are all grounded in an extraordinary blending of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs.

Wherever one turns, their impact is omnipresent and provides the opportunity to question your beliefs in enlightening ways.

  • How is it that folks with so little can be so happy?
  • How is it that can folks live in such extreme mountainous environments?
  • How is it that joy seems to underlie situations we would find so disheartening in our own culture?

Nepal is an extraordinary place to examine more clearly how you really feel about questions like these, and so many more.

While in Nepal, I was blessed to hike amidst the mountains several times per year and memories of these experiences effortlessly fill my heart with such gratitude as I sought my answers to these questions.

When I reflect on my photos, joy bubbles up as I close my eyes and am instantly transported back. My reflections make me feel one with the planet and remind me of our interdependence.

Ahhh … the power of travel!

If you ever get the chance, I encourage you to put a Nepalese adventure on your bucket list. Or, for that matter, any place that calls to your heart to travel.

You will be so very grateful that you did.

Thank you.

‘Til next time, be happy.

Be healthy


by pjs


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