More Than Resolutions

Forever Renewing!
New Years is here!


Across cultures, it is always seen as a time to pause and reflect about the

past, and, look to cultivating a better, healthier future.

In my family, this took a rather unusual turn “Why”, you might ask. 

Because, rather than making resolutions to improve some aspect of ourselves, my  parents asked my brothers and me to look back and forgive.

Forgive? Yes.

They wanted us to take the space New Year affords us to reflect and genuinely

forgive those who may have caused us harm - intentionally or not.

And, seek forgiveness from those we may have wronged in some way, again,

intentionally or not.

In doing so, we clear our heart and mind of any disturbing emotions that may

harm us moving forward, and, renews our connections with those around us.

Forgiveness is a powerful medicine for enhancing the good in our life and

dissolving any lingering pain. It renews our spirit and infuses our heart and

mind with a healthy attitude for the coming year.

Make your resolutions AND I encourage you to stir some forgiveness into the mix!

Here is to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022!


‘Til next time,

Be happy

Be healthy


by pjs


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