Hello, May this find you well.

I am fascinated by words and languages. They play such a strong role in creating and shaping our reality, Often times, however, we use words with a general understanding of their meaning, free from questioning them at a deeper level.

To me, joy is such a word

Joy to the World!” proclaims a popular Christmas hymn (my favorite). Or, there is “Joy in Repetition,” seductively sings Prince.

What exactly, though, does joy identify?  What do we mean when we say something like, “This brings me joy.”

Is it not a variation of happiness? Does joy not identify a greater, more intrinsic level of feeling? Let’s take a look.

First, yes, joy is commonly defined under the umbrella of “happy,” just at a deeper, more refined level. It is often a sign of spiritual maturity that manifests outward from our heart, and, takes many forms.

Keeping this in mind, please allow me to briefly share a few variations of joy.

Sympathetic Joy expands our intrinsic feeling of good towards others. It allows us to find happiness in the success of others, and can serve as an antidote for jealousy.

Calm Joy is that peaceful feeling that can wash over us when we allow our heart to open, nakedly and effortlessly, to surrounding people and experiences. It is that unforced, boundless sensation that “Right here, and now, everything is alright.

Momentary Joy is that spontaneous, fleeting feeling that can overcome us quickly and dissolve just as fast. – like the crest of a breaking wave. Our hearts and mind spring into effortless awareness and for a moment, we can almost taste the goodness that has arisen.

Transporting Joy takes us to another place or time by triggering a memory of sensation that makes us want to leap in the air shouting, “Yes! Yes!”

Finally, there is an All-Pervading Joy that, if we so allow, can ground our lives in a view of innate perfection – that things are exactly as they are meant to be.

Interesting? I hope so.

I find words such an amazing expressive tool.

‘Til next time, be happy.

Be healthy


by pjs



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