Complete and utter what?


Complete and utter what?


There are moments when life creates the causes and conditions for us to question our beliefs.

Sometimes the questions are serious. Folks unexpectedly pass and we grieve in disbelief, asking, “Why?”

Other times, the questions are much more playful. Happily, such a situation arose in my life causing me to reconsider, “What is magic?”

I have long held my unexamined answer of magic as a trick, or slight of hand, that appears to accomplish the impossible - that breaks the rules of our reality.

Recently though, I moved to Alaska, taking a job in the tiny town of Girwood (population approximately 1800).

Home to the northern most rainforest in the world, it started snowing shortly after my arrival and my definition of magic has been forever changed.

What exactly happened? Snow happened.

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, I thought I was well versed in snow. I sure was wrong.

As winter ensued and the forest canopy began drooping in layers of the softest, driest snow I had ever seen, my hikes became absolutely magical!

With the snow on top and the dark boughs showing underneath, life became a tranquil world of black and white. A world free of color as the sound of gurgling streams became mesmerizing and meditative.

Complete and utter magic

An experience beyond compare 🙏

‘Til next time,

Be happy

Be healthy


by pjs


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