A Heart Filled With…


A Heart Filled With…


May this find you well.

As some of you may know, I have recently moved (and this will become important in a minute) to Alaska.

Since being here, I have had numerous sightings of something that fills my heart with peace.

Before I share what this something is, I’d like to ask what you think of the following statement:

Speaking aspirations and affirmations aloud give the words more power and impact - a greater chance to manifest and be realized.

For me, the answer is … absolutely.

Ideas that exist solely within our mind give power to one, while uttering them aloud sends out an infused energy that can inspire those who hear (wherever they might be on the Earth).

Some may call this the “power of prayer,” and that is surely one perspective, while others may see verbal aspirations and affirmations as the first, external step in creating the space for our desired ends to arise.

How does this relate to Alaska, you may ask?

Since arriving, I have seen so many Tibetan Prayer Flags (TPF) fluttering in so many varied places - amidst trees, outside businesses, and from houses.

As the picture above shows, TPFs are a string of small, colored, cloth flags that represent the five (5) elements of the universe: earth, fire, water, air and sky/space (yellow, red, green, white and blue, respectively.

Among several things printed in each flag are various affirmations that aspire to send compassion and wisdom to the world on the waves of the wind.

Knowing that each time a breeze stirs and the flags flutter such purely intentioned words, may heart overflows with peace.

And that …. Is a beautiful thing.

‘Til next time,

Be happy

Be healthy


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